Win More, Sweat Less

The importance of the baselayer in sport is becoming more and more understood. You could be the best cyclist in the world, but if you are having to carry a sweaty, heavy cotton garment up the climb with you, each push on the pedals will feel more difficult and exhausting than the last.

However, with our unique compression activewear lines, which promote your body’s recovery and regulate its temperature during exercise, you will be able to push harder for longer and win more than ever before.

The advanced technologies which BODYSHELL™ is proud to pioneer are taking wicking into the future and are leaving clammy sportswear which performs nowhere near as successfully as you do in the past.

Whatever your sport we have the gear that will help you to find your extra gear. How does it work?

Our premium range of compression activewear draws sweat away from your body and through our garments, so that it runs away from your body, leaving you cool, calm and ready to climb that next peak.

Our compression activewear also boosts the blood flow around the most difficult to reach of your muscles, giving you crucial shortened recovery times, so that you can be fresh and ready for your next competition more quickly than your opponents.

After years of experience in international sports, our team knows what works and what doesn’t, innovated the best things they discovered, and are now pleased to present you with the cutting-edge kits you need to succeed.