Eliot Ward

Road racing to the top

I am a full time road racing cyclist based in Birmingham, UK. I race and train throughout the UK & Europe. I have recently completed my third racing season. This season I again brought even more success, as I have year upon year again at both regional and national level across Great Britain. This year I have produced numerous race wins, podiums and top 10 results throughout the year. I raced my first tour series race in Aberystwyth, Wales featuring on ITV4. I raced my first elite premier calendar road race in Stockton-upon-Tees, Teesside.

I am very quickly going to the top of UK cycling and will then proceed to race worldwide. 2019 is set to be my biggest year yet where I will perform regularly at the highest domestic level in national road races throughout the UK against the best professionals in the country. I will also ride in prestigious races overseas against some the best riders in Europe. I am hungry, I am dedicated, I am persistent, I believe in myself to the core, I am a winner and I have to win. I will achieve everything I dream of, this is me and I am going to do this.

Favourite Quote – ‘Winners never quit, quitters never win’

Book – Science of getting rich – Wallace D. Wattles

Favourite meal – Traditional Italian dish with a solid bottle of red.

Music – Dancehall, Rnb, Easy listening

Kit bag – Race kit, Bodyshell recovery pants, Bodyshell Long sleeved, Stolen Goat turbo towel, music speaker, Kom fuel nutrition, Vegan hemp protein, vision card, race licence, SunGod sunglasses.

Rest day – drink coffee, listen to music, watch Paris Roubaix re runs.

Motivation comes from – I have one life to use the fire I was fortunate to of been born with.



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