How Does Compression Activewear Boost Your Performance

In previous generations, cotton shirts and shorts worn during exercise would leave you going home with clammy, chafing muscles which were held in odd and obscure shapes that did nothing for their recovery post-training.

By compressing your muscles, our activewear ensures that they are not subjected to the volatile movements that can cause them to tear, while increasing your blood flow to difficult to reach muscles. This increase in blood flow helps to speed up those muscles’ recovery and regulate your body temperature (and consequently your energy levels) after you exercise. You are then able to move onto your next challenge more quickly.

Compression activewear ensures that whenever you train, exercise, or play sports, your body is always in prime condition to defeat both the elements and your competition. Here are just a few of the ways in which this special activewear can help you to raise your game.


Wicking is the process of moving excessive bodily fluids produced during sport and exercise, such as sweat, away from your body and out through your garment, so that you do not have to feel a clammy build-up of sweat on a soggy top every time you inhale. By moving sweat as far away from your body as possible, wicking also allows you to move, run, jump and cycle more quickly, and agilely, as you are not weighed down by several layers of sweaty cotton while you are trying to compete.

Wicking works by introducing capillary action into your activewear. The scientifically designed, breathable material from which all our garments are made facilitates this capillary action by allowing your sweat to move through small spaces within the garment, as this sweat makes its journey from your body to somewhere where they won’t negatively affect your performance. The consequent conspicuous absence of lingering sweat around your body reduces your risking of chafing and developing rashes while competing enormously. Trust us, after you’ve been on a bike for 10 hours without a break, anything which limits chafing and rashes is a godsend.

Preventing Build-Up Of Lactic Acid

The build-up of lactic acid during exercise is one of the most inconvenient side-effects of sport. When you push your muscles to their limit, your body produces lactic acid which reduces their speed of movement and gives you an horrendous, painful burning sensation.

By compressing your muscles without putting them under undue pressure through excessively heavy seaming and design decorations, our compression activewear prevents this build-up of lactic acid, reducing any ‘burn’ you may feel and increasing your muscle efficiency and the quality of your performance as a result.

Regulating Body Temperature

By saving you from a session surrounded by sweat and allowing you to move more quickly and fluidly, our compression activewear will help you to maintain a regular body temperature, so you do not have to pause mid match, cycle, run or workout to pant and take several gulps of the nearest bottle of water every five minutes. This brilliant feature of our activewear allows you to play harder for longer, pushing you closer to that all-important win.

Giving You An Edge Over Your Opponents 

If you are at an event or in a match, and your competitors see you training in the latest baselayers, they will be under no doubt that you are the real deal and have a very good chance of beating them. Creating this impression will give you an invaluable psychological advantage over your opponent, before you even begin to compete.

Choosing baselayers which are right for you will give you the edge over your competition and will help you to lift the trophy you deserve. We are more than happy to use our many years’ experience to help you find the gear you need to find your extra gear. Let’s win together.



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