BODYSHELL UK and our Creative team met up with former Wolves former player TONY DALEY as he wears our BODYSHELL Products

We met Tony at his new fitness and training academy in Birmingham, as part of our photography session with our new creative team Tony was wearing our latest active wear for his photoshoot

Tony Daley is hoping to help uncover the next generation of future stars – after launching his own football coaching programme.Daley has joined forces with his lifelong friend Dave Barnett – who was released by Wolves as a youngster and played for Blues and Barnet among others – to set up Pro Level Performance (PLP), a 30-week programme (one day a week for two hours) based in Aston which will focus on the mental side of the game as much as the physical.

Daley, who left Wolves this summer after a decade at the club working on fitness and sport science, said: “We have a wealth of experience to nurture the youth of today – this is a bespoke programme for aspiring young players. Daley earned a sports science degree when retiring from the game and then rejoined Wolves as a fitness and conditioning specialist in 2007, nine years after leaving the club as a player. He wants to put his wealth of experience in the game to good use.

“I’ve always wanted to set up my own business on the fitness side,” Daley, who lives 10 minutes away from the Aston-based PLP facility, added. “As a consequence of leaving Wolves it gave me the opportunity to put that into practice.

“In my career, having the experience I’ve had, going back to university and doing a sports science degree has given me the education, learning on the job and being able to respond to footballers as well – applying all that has given me a wealth of knowledge that’s really helped me in my career. “I’ve had a fantastic career football-wise and still do now in the fitness industry.”It’s about giving something back and helping others. Yes it’s our business too but we’re also going to have a spin-off business where we help the community too.