Is Compression Clothing a product for Weight Loss?

More and more people are becoming familiar with the technical garment of “Compression” its popularity introduced by top sports stars and endurance runners.  But were you aware they have be worn for WEIGHT LOSS?

What Is Compression Clothing?

Compression clothing look like most other types of leggings that you see on runners or down your local gym.  The uniqueness is the type of fabric used and the stitching to tightly support hard to reach muscles to increase blood flow.

Whilst they may sound uncomfortable, they are actually based upon the technology behind in-flight socks and are designed to be a support so your body still has the freedom to move but gives you firmness.  

Compression Clothing for Weight Loss

It is true that most research on compression clothing focuses on the performance benefits as well as its use during cold climates.  However, as these garments are being more widely used as an activewear garment for Skiing, Climbing, Hiking and in the Gym the awareness from several customers wearing Bodyshell is that they don’t have an appetite if worn for a prolonged time. 

“It’s important to never make a medical claim that compression technology assists in weight loss.  However, it is often said it COMPRESSES your appetite whilst not making you feel restrictive to its tightness.

Compression clothing works as an extra layer of skin compressing muscles to minimize damage of micro muscle tears often caused by muscle vibration and oscillation (movement back and forward in a regular rhythm)

How to Buy Compression Clothing

Compression is meant to be tight.  All too often when we sell a compression item the customer says “it looks too small” or “it’s too tight”.  First of all, put it on first! it is meant to be tight! Not restrictive! “I have seen large women get into a size 10 (Small) pair of Bodyshell leggings.!” The Elastane fabric creates the stretch.  Each female legging comes with a snap waist band so it compresses correctly to your body posture.

What is the different between COLD and DUAL?

Our Cold leggings benefit colder temperatures and are more for Winter use.  Good for skiing and running outdoors or hiking in the hills.

Our Dual Leggings are our worn all year around for warmer temperatures where you do more cardio activities involving weight loss. 

The compression tops used for the upper body may be purchased to limit the amount of movement that happens during the workout.  The silicone waistband we put in the garment prevents the top from rising up. 

Tops at BodyShell come in short sleeve and long sleeve options so it’s easy to find a style to give you the comfort you need.

So to test the theory behind weight loss. Give compression wear a try. Wear them after exercise as they are beneficial for recovery enabling you to return to exercise far quicker. If they reduce your appetite in the process then there’s an extra benefit!


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