Nventree is an Enterprise stock control and order management solution.  It can pull orders from various e-commerce platforms and adjust stock accordingly.  Nventree has integrations for many big name couriers with the ability to pass on tracking codes directly through automated emails.  Integrated labels are supported and can be printed with PPI stamps.

Inventory management:

  1. Stock management across all of your sales channels.
  2. NVENTREE will update your stock and automatically sync it with eBay, Amazon, and most eCommerce websites.
  3. Manage everything from one simple interface instead of logging in to separate channels.
  4. Bulk import from Ad-Lister (eBay listing tool) or from CSV/XML or supplier feeds.
  5. Bulk update categories, stock levels and prices.
  6. Advanced delivery options.

Listing management:

  1. Create custom listing templates on eBay and your own web store.
  2. Update Amazon/eBay/Magento/WooCommerce/Shopify stock levels automatically
  3. Bulk import and list CSV/XML .
  4. Every channel can have a different price, title, description or image.
  5. Multiple eBay listing templates can be used.
  6. Bulk update multiple eBay Accounts and web stores.

Order Management:

  1. Manage all of your orders from all channels from one simple, easy to use interface!
  2. Despatch, refund all your orders through NVENTREE with one click
  3. Automatic/manual sold email send outs with custom messages.
  4. Automatic/manual despatch email send outs with custom messages.
  5. Print all invoices for all orders.